The Rowan Center staff plays a critical role in supporting survivors of sexual violence. Their services include counseling for survivors to process their experiences, advocacy to help navigate present circumstances such as hospital exams and court proceedings, and community education aimed at preventing sexual violence in the future.

With a focus on promoting a safer and more supportive community, the center’s staff delivers age-appropriate awareness and prevention education to various groups, including K-12 students, colleges, corporations, law enforcement, and community organizations.

Mary Forman Flynn (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Walker Epps (she/her)

Chief Operating Officer

Luke Robbins, LCSW (he/him)

Clinical Director

Cody Baird (she/her)

Director of Development

Sarah Malhotra (she/they)

Director of Education and Training

Marsha Placide, LPCA, NCC, ATR-P (she/her)

Director of Counseling

JorgeIván López-Martínez (He/They)

Director of Advocacy and Outreach (Bilingual EN/ES)

Julie Ko (she/her)

Finance Administrator

Sarah Anzellotti (she/her)

Adult Counselor and Advocate

Willow Buscemi (she/her)

Development Associate

Taina Colon, LMSW (she/her)

Bilingual/Bicultural Counselor and Intake Coordinator

Abby Flores (she/her)

Justice Advocate

Raquel Lopez (she/her)

Volunteer/Advocacy Training Coordinator, Part-time counselor and advocate

Kathy Miranda (she/her)

Community Educator and Advocate

Isabel Negron, LMSW (she/her)

Isabel Negron, Bilingual Staff Therapist at The Trauma Recovery Clinic

Miriam Pacheco (she/her)

Referral Specialist and Counselor

Emma Zelenak (she/her)

Education Coordinator