Meet Marissa Eve Ferrao, the May 2023 Volunteer of the Month

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Headshot of Marissa Eve Ferrao

Marissa Eve Ferrao (she/they), Resident Counselor, LPCA, MAATC

What is your role at The Rowan Center?

I am a volunteer Sexual Violence Advocate and Counselor

What drew you to The Rowan Center?

I coordinated with the center for mental health awareness/wellness programs when I worked in higher education. Then I was introduced to the crisis hotline volunteer training through my friend and grad mate, Marsha, at the start of the pandemic. Being a part of the 40 hours of Zoom calls during advocate training provided some human connection during a time when the world felt very isolating.

What keeps you at The Rowan Center?

The genuine kindness and care extended by staff members and other volunteers. I continue to feel safe and welcomed!

What do you wish people knew about The Rowan Center? 

The Rowan Center offers up to 12 free individual counseling sessions to primary and secondary victims of sexual violence, ages 14+, in English, Spanish, and Haitian-Creole. This is such a valuable resource to have, especially for those who may not have access to insurance or other mental health resources and would like to talk with a professional in a confidential and safe space.

The people who work at the Rowan Center truly care about the work that they do and how they do it. Every person I’ve met through The Rowan Center has left such a warm impression on me and is easy/comfortable to talk to and relate to.

What are your hobbies?

Baking cookies, art-making, singing, dancing, being a fun-loving aunt, snuggling cats and dogs, and outdoor walks.

What are you learning?

I am learning how to live a life of enjoyment and comfort – *soft life era activated*