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The Center is now The Rowan Center!

The Rowan Center takes its name from the Rowan tree, a sturdy, resilient symbol of strength, growth, rebirth and courage, with ties to both Celtic and Norse mythology.


Ancient Celts planted Rowan trees beside their homes and carried small pieces of the tree as a source of motivation to overcome the challenges of life.  In Norse mythology, the story has Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, being swept away in a river when he grabs the branch of the Rowan tree and pulls himself to shore.  The metaphor reflects the role the Rowan Center plays in the lives of clients – available for support in times of crisis.


At the Rowan Center, we provide that support against the challenges that survivors of sexual violence face. We empower our clients to find the strength, resilience and courage within themselves, and we educate our community to help change societal norms. 


The motto for the Rowan Center succinctly states the agency’s areas of focus: “Empower, Educate, Eliminate.”





























Our Mission

The mission of The Rowan Center is to provide counseling and support services to victims of sexual assault and to eliminate sexual violence through community-wide education programs.


The Rowan Center is a member program of Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence (formerly CONNSACS), and we are proud to support children and adults in the eight towns of Lower Fairfield County: Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Weston, Westport and Wilton.




people served in the last year

During the fiscal year of July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018:

We responded to a total of 125 hotline calls.

We provided crisis counseling to 533 individuals.

We responded to 40 hospital calls.

We provided prevention education to a total of 22,378 unduplicated individuals.

We had a total of 23,224 touchpoints through our prevention education programs.

We received 25 disclosures as a result of our prevention education programs
from primary and secondary victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, exploitation via sexting and domestic violence.



Help make our wish come true. Together we can create a world in which sexual violence is not tolerated. Please make a donation to The Rowan Center today or learn how to get involved. It will change the life of a person in our community.