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Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) 2021

List of Upcoming Events


Trauma Informed Yoga with Saraswati’s Yoga Joint (Virtual)
Every Thursday in the month of April | 6:00-6:45pm
To RSVP, please email
*Open to volunteers, clients, and staff only

SAAM Day of Action (Social Media)
April 6th | All Day
Each year on the first Tuesday of April, SAAM Day of Action provides a day to focus awareness on sexual violence prevention. Wear teal and get involved! How will you bring awareness to sexual violence prevention? Tag us on social media (@therowancenter) so we can see and share! 

SAAM Proclamation Day (In-Person)
April 7th | 10:00am @ Darien Town Hall

To proclaim that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and celebrate its 20th year. The year’s theme is: We Can Build Safe Online Spaces.
Speakers: Mary Flynn, Executive Director – The Rowan Center, Jayme Stevenson, First Selectman of Darien, and Jamie Manirakiza, Executive Director – Partnership to End Human Trafficking (PEHT)

*Open to the public

Know Before You Go – Parent Presentation with LiveGirl (Webinar)
April 13th | 12:00-1:00pm
To register 

What does your child need to know before they go to college? Yes, we should talk about decorating their dorm room, their eating/sleeping habits, and financial independence, but the most important thing is they need to know is how to stay safe. Students need to know the facts: 1.) women ages 18-24 are at an elevated risk of sexual violence and 2.) sexual violence is pervasive on college campuses. Enough! What can we do? We must equip and arm our children with knowledge before they leave for college. We have joined forces with the Rowan Center and the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence (formerly CONNSACS) to host two upcoming “Know Before You Go” sessions (parents and daughters participate separately). We hope you will join us.

Know Before You Go – Student Presentation with LiveGirl (Webinar)
April 14th | 7:30-8:30pm
To register: 
Know Before You Go provides an in-depth look at the pervasive issue of college sexual assault. Students will learn how to identify attitudes, behaviors, and traditions present within college and Greek life that perpetuate and sustain sexual violence. Students will also learn several policies and laws regarding sexual assault response on college campuses.

SVPC presents, Understanding Sexual Violence Prevention Within Sports Culture (Webinar)
April 13th | 11:00am and April 15th | 2:00pm
Through thought-provoking discussions, participants in this webinar will thoroughly explore the dynamics of sexual violence by unpacking several societal attitudes, beliefs, and social norms. Participants will also find ways to connect sports culture with sexual violence prevention.

For more information and to register:

April 13th:
April 15th: 

SVPC presents, Bystander Intervention: Creating Social Change (Webinar)
April 20th | 11:00am and April 27th | 2:00pm
This training explores different bystander intervention techniques that coaches can utilize to challenge problematic beliefs and interrupt all forms of sexual violence. Participants are given the opportunity to brainstorm how they would intervene in realistic scenarios and how they can create a school culture of respect and inclusion.

For more information and to register:

April 20th: 
April 27th: 

SVPC presents, LGBTQ Athletes (Webinar)
April 22nd | 2:00pm and April 29th | 11:00am
This virtual huddle explores the landscape of life as an LGBTQ athlete and ways we can ensure all athletes are treated with respect. LGBTQ youth experience increased rates of physical violence, harassment, and sexual violence, and we hope to partner with coaches to think about ways that the sports community can act as a positive agent of change in our communities.

For more information and to register:

April 22nd: 
April 29th: 

Outdoor Yoga with Saraswati’s Yoga Joint (In-Person)
April 24th | 9:30am @ Weed Beach in Darien
To register
Join us for outdoor yoga on the beach with Saraswati’s Yoga Joint!

*Open to the public

Steps for Survivors: Take a Walk of Significance (Virtual)
April 24th | All Day
To register:

Any time on April 24th take a walk in honor of survivors and in support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Be sure to share your photos and videos with us on Facebook and Instagram by tagging us (@therowancenter) and/or using the hashtag #RowanStepsforSurvivors. Your walk can be anything you want it to be-a family walk through your neighborhood or around your house, a walk on the beach-anything that feels the most comfortable for you and your family. Together, we can be bring awareness to sexual violence! Make your walk significant with these numbers:

  • 60+% of our clients are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) – 1hr of walking/activity  
  • 37% of our clients are under 21 years old – 3.7 miles of walking/activity
  • Last year, we had 42 hospital calls – 42 min of walking/activity
  • 643 individuals received counseling – 6.43 miles of walking/activity
  • 296 crisis calls were answered – 2.96 miles of walking/activity

SAAM Denim Day (Social Media)
April 28th | All Day
On April 28th, millions of people across the world will wear jeans with a purpose, support survivors, and educate themselves and others about all forms of sexual violence. Denim Day is a campaign that began after a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where a rape conviction was overturned because the justices felt that since the victim was wearing tight jeans she must have helped the person who raped her remove her jeans, thereby implying consent. The following day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the victim. Peace Over Violence developed the Denim Day campaign in response to this case and the activism surrounding it. Since then, what started as a local campaign to bring awareness to victim blaming and destructive myths that surround sexual violence has grown into a movement. As the longest running sexual violence prevention and education campaign in history, Denim Day asks community members, elected officials, businesses and students to make a social statement with their fashion statement by wearing jeans on this day as a visible means of protest against the misconceptions that surround sexual violence. Join us and wear denim! Tag us on social media (@therowancenter) so we can see and share!
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