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We respect the right of each person to choose their own path in the healing process. Victims and their loved ones have the option of calling The Rowan Center’s hotline, participating in crisis counseling or groups and/or receiving support during medical forensic exams, police reports, the investigation process and/or court proceedings. You can call us at anytime!

Anyone, over the age of 14, affected be sexual violence may receive up to 12 free and confidential sessions of one-on-one crisis counseling. Our highly trained, certified sexual assault crisis counselors will meet with clients in our Stamford office or in the community, striving to make it as easy as possible for victims to get the help they need. We also provide support and empowerment groups – these groups vary throughout the year ‐ please call us to learn more about the groups we are currently offering.


Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse
Meetings are open to all adult survivors of childhood abuse: physical, sexual and emotional.

Adult survivors of child abuse often feel a deep sense of isolation. If this is how you’re feeling, you are not alone. At ASCA, we are working to create new possibilities for adults surviving child abuse by helping with the healing process. We offer comforting, nonjudgmental opportunity to overcome the effects of childhood abuse based on a 21 step program. The purpose of this group is to help men and women who have suffered childhood abuse by emphasizing; empowerment, teaching techniques for self soothing and recognizing social boundaries. The groups will give members the opportunity to share their feelings in a trusting and confidential environment while building healthy connections.

ASCA meets every Monday in Norwalk between 7 and 8:30. Walk-ins are welcomed but we highly recommend establishing contact prior to your first meeting to discuss the meeting format. Please feel free to contact co-facilitator, Marsha Placide at 203.487.0665 or should you have any questions and/or are interested in attending.


The Rowan Center is pleased to announce two new support groups for survivors of sexual violence: An English-language support group will meet every Wednesday from 6-7 pm. If you or someone you love would benefit from a counselor facilitated group, please contact Nora Reyes at 203-487-0683.

On Thursdays from 6-7, a Spanish-language support group is run out of The Rowan Center. If you or someone you love would benefit from a counselor facilitated group, please call Evelyn Morales at 203-487-0653 to register. As with all services at The Rowan Center, the groups are free and confidential.



While our counseling and support groups are geared towards anyone over the age of 14, we can engage in our advocacy work with all of the clients and families that we serve. The Rowan Center’s counselor/advocates work to address the needs of victims through advocacy. This advocacy can take many different forms depending on the needs of clients locally, across Connecticut and nationally.


After a sexual assault, victims and their families often have to navigate complex systems and institutions that they are not accustomed to dealing with – this may include police departments, hospitals, courthouses, therapist referrals, etc. The Rowan Center’s counselor/advocates can help navigate these systems and help to ensure that their needs are being met. The Rowan Center’s counselor/advocates are here to help child, teen and adult victims and their families navigate: forensic medical exams, making a police report, investigations, court proceedings, victim’s compensation etc. Our counselor/advocates will provide information to victims about these systems and help to keep them as informed as possible. We feel that our clients are empowered by knowing their rights and what services are available to them.


The Rowan Center is part of a state-wide network of sexual assault crisis centers which are linked together by the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence. Through this state-wide network and staying involved at the national level, we work together to identify barriers, challenges and gaps in services for survivors of sexual violence so that we can remove them. An example of this work is in our legislative efforts, where each year The Rowan Center works with Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence to either propose or support legislation that affects the lives of victims and their families.