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Amid Weinstein fallout, more sexual assault victims empowered to speak out

The Advocate , October 22, 2017

Amid Weinstein fallout, more sexual assault victims empowered to speak out


The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis and Education Address Consent, Bystander Intervention, Safety and Prevention with Greenwich Teens

Greenwich Time , August 27, 2017

At The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis and Education, leaders recently talked about their visits to Greenwich High School where they are part of the health curriculum.


Recent Report of Rape Prompts Greenwich Police to Host Session with Reporters

Greenwich Time , August 7, 2017

On August 7 Greenwich Police organized a media briefing on the topic of reporting about rape and sexual assault with sensitivity.

They also talked about services for victims, and school outreach on topics including sexual harassment, sexual assault, consent, sexting and internet safety.


Stamford nonprofit wins $100,000 grant to help sexual assault victims

Greenwich Time , May 3, 2017

Women from across Fairfield County celebrated the power of collective giving Wednesday morning and chose Stamford-based nonprofit Sexual Assault Crisis and Education Center to receive a $100,000 grant to launch a new program for sexual assault victims.

“We’re hoping this creates a big change in how survivors are served,” said Ivonne Zucco, executive director of the Sexual Assault Crisis and Education Center, following the announcement of its award.

The grant is comprised of almost 200 individual contributions from members of Impact Fairfield County, a collective giving group formed by Greenwich residents Wendy Block and Vicki Craver in 2015. This marks the group’s second time awarding a local nonprofit with $100,000, and Impact Fairfield members hope the coming years will bring in even more high dollar grants as additional members join.


Greenwich officials and legislators speak out against sexual assault

Greenwich Time , April 4, 2017

GREENWICH — Town officials from Greenwich, Stamford, Darien and Weston, state congressmen and senators and local victims organizations declared April “Sexual Assault Awareness Month” in a press conference Tuesday and affirmed their commitment to supporting survivors.

“Sexual violence is a major social problem in homes, schools and communities across lower Fairfield County in Connecticut with countless physical, mental and other health consequences,” said Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei during the gathering Tuesday at Greenwich Town Hall.

“It is in many ways unfortunate that we have to proclaim such a month. But the reality is that is the world in which we live,” he said.


Sexual Assault Crisis Center to launch awareness campaign

The Hour Wilton , February 9, 2017

WILTON — The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education will launch a year-long photographic awareness campaign called, “Reveal to Heal,” to raise awareness about the harm caused by sexual violence.

The campaign features a series of photographs by Veleska Martin and other local artists featuring modestly undressed models with messages written on their necks, backs and other body parts.

“The symbolic disrobing in the photographs reveals the emotional scars of sexual violence that may never leave the survivor; those wounds are literally ‘written’ on the body,” according to a release from the center. “ The hope in the campaign is that in revealing the pain, the work of healing can begin. The year-long campaign images will be widely distributed throughout Lower Fairfield County, and will be accompanied by a hashtag campaign on social media sites.


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