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Stamford High students get education on sexual assault

The Advocate , December 27, 2016

STAMFORD — A young woman wakes up on her college campus Sunday morning feeling confused about what happened the night before, when she started out with friends and then things got fuzzy.

It’s a story that Charlotte Poth, of the Stamford-based Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education, hears all too frequently. But she hopes the calls will become less frequent with a new program that started this month at Stamford High School.


Stamford women recognized for stopping sexual assault

The Advocate , September 19, 2016

STAMFORD — Two city residents were recognized Monday for stopping the sexual assault of an intoxicated woman at a downtown apartment.

Kerilyn Whitehead, 27, and Jessica Feighan, 36, received citations at the offices of The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education from elected officials, members of the Stamford Police Department and community leaders.

“I wanted to congratulate and thank Jessica and Kerilyn for your heroism and courage, and on behalf of the Stamford delegation, with two state citations,” state Rep. Caroline Simmons said.


Charlotte Poth: ‘And I’m like forget you …’

The Advocate , August 11, 2016

People often ask me what the toughest part of my job is. There are many aspects of this work that are challenging, of course. But for me, the answer is simple. Justice. Whatever you think that word means, whatever they taught you in civics class, I need you to forget it all. Which might be easier said than done.

We grow up with the concept of law and order, of weights and measures. America loves justice! Think of the popular culture that has been created around this very notion. Or think even further back, to the empires that were built on its very foundation. It is a great idea. Justice is a type of closure, if anything.

But at The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education, we are advocates for victims of sexual violence. Justice is not a word that we know very well.


Director Of The Center In Stamford Reacts To Light Rape Sentence

Stamford Daily Voice , June 8, 2016

In the aftermath of the recent California rape sentencing, social media comments keep appearing by the thousands. The picture looks familiar, outraged people raising their voices against our system failing the victim, others blinded by the elitist thought that this is a sad ending for a brilliant young man who made a poor decision under the influence.

Here are some quick facts. In January 2015, a 20 year old white male was caught raping an unconscious 23-year-old woman behind a Dumpster after leaving a fraternity party at Stanford University. The man is a swimmer, with a scholarship; somehow this is supposed to make a difference. Good rapist vs. bad rapist, I guess?


New Stamford Group Aims To Raise Sexual Abuse Awareness

Stamford Daily Voice , April 26, 2016

STAMFORD, Conn. — Karen Mello endured more than 30 years of emotional pain as the victim of sexual abuse. Now that she has healed, the director of development and communications for The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education in Stamford is taking the next step and has created a survivor advisory council to raise awareness about sexual assault and abuse.

Mello, a Bethel resident, and five other founding members started to meet in January. SHINE — urvivors elping to nspire ew ndings — plans to share its stories to let other victims and survivors know that they are not alone. Mello cites statistics that report 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they reach age 18.


Seminar teaches young men to stand up to sexual assault

The Hour , April 5, 2016

NORWALK — In 2012, a high school-aged woman in Steubenville, Ohio, was the victim of a brutal sex assault; her peers looked on, documenting the act on social media but doing nothing to intervene.

“This happened in public view; lots of other students witnessed the assaults,” said Ellie MacGregor, a prevention educator with the Stamford-based Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education, during a seminar at Norwalk Community College Tuesday.

In the Steubenville case, MacGregor said, the onlookers’ inaction was an example of the “bystander effect”: “When there are a bunch of people standing around, people are less likely to intervene.”


Center for Youth Leadership to raise awareness for child abuse, sexual assault

The Hour , March 30, 2016

NORWALK — The Center for Youth Leadership (CYL) at Brien McMahon High School is looking to raise awareness on one of the most underreported crimes that can result in a lifetime of devastation for victims.

CYL, a youth activism organization, designated April as National Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness Month during a press conference at Brien McMahon Wednesday.

“Sexual assault remains one of the most underreported crimes,” said Ivonne Zucco, executive director of the Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education.


How To Support The Center For Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling And Education

Serendipity , March 3, 2016

For nearly 40 years, the Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education (“The Center”) has provided victims of sexual abuse in lower Fairfield County and beyond with a safe place to turn for help and has raised awareness about how to prevent these crimes. Through a combination of counseling and education, this nonprofit organization is speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves.


Ivonne Zucco op-ed: Sexting case scary, but worth understanding

The Advocate , January 30, 2016

When tragedies hit our communities, there are two ways of looking at things. We can sit back and think how terrible it is that this is happening, or we can use the experience as a learning moment and an opportunity to work toward change.

On Jan. 27, news was released about an alarming sexting case at Newtown High School. The story talks about how, in May last year, more than 20 students were involved in the distribution of nude and sexually explicit photographs of classmates.


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